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Recorded in winter 2012 at Drexel's Studio C by Bad Friends
The talented Amanda Watkins created the artwork. See her other stuff here: nastygrossbarf.tumblr.com

If we run out of free downloads :
www.mediafire (DOT) com/?p99dbsqh2dnstjz
www.mediafire (DOT) com/?p99dbsqh2dnstjz


released February 20, 2013

Infinite thank-you's to Jake and Ian for recording us and putting up with our bullshit. Also, thanks to Shamur, Steinberg, and Kyle Rossi for helping with back up vocals..

Tyndall played the drums, Jroth played the guitar, and Jlance sang the words.



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Nicknames Cape May, New Jersey

Since Winter 11'

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Track Name: Start Conversation
start conversations,
why do i bother?
your concentration's nonexistent.

but still, i persist until i'm water under your bridge
a current flowing quickly away from your presence
the air you are exhaling
more than i hoped,
a sigh of smoke that
dissipates and i relate
so squandered.

Onward towards the next verse
less awk-words
more quick turns
music captures a moment
even if it doesn't exist
bogged down by a chorus
words i wrote i'm now ignoring
those verses burning
so toss me & turn me away

places place me in situations i can't face
maybe i should just keep drinking
or go get a new prescription

what's the difference
Track Name: Empties In The Pool
dive? parade my broken spine around
outside of her old house
the bright side of sunlight's apparent
but i'm over it
tonight, i'll weigh another day against an open window summary
of my life as of recently

i keep living like i'm buried in your pocket
but to look at you, a shade of blue suddenly distant
it's difficult to stomach

while your absence instills a passion
i'm still struggling with asking
to form the words i've heard
internally, or on tv

and in the back of my mind
it plays out to be so perfect
i've come to find
it isn't too consistent within the moment

so i'll collect another mess
lending my head to what is left
of progress
i am useless.
it's like saying nothing if you keep it open ended
i'm awake and feeling reckless
you're the one name on my guest list

is it the right time?
will i be blessed in the water, or swept up in the rip tide?
intuitively depressed,
in dreams of watching you undress
i find myself smiling at last
only to wake up in my solitary bed

another night, i'll be asleep
we haven't spoken in two weeks
just chalk it up to my anxiety
Track Name: Sleep Where You Fall
(Tyndall) Consistency? The future is the only thing I see slowly creeping up on me.

growing up defines tough luck
like throwing up the excess that you slugged
to keep you breathing, teach you something
even just to wake you up.

depraved and righteous
life is like this
and you'll miss your friends

growing roots cement your shoes to the pavement
no evasion
"i'll just stay here a few more years"
to hell with this selfish well-wish
helpless? i doubt that
have you melted with the tarmac
can you not taste how stale this place is yet?

are you enslaved and flightless,
chained to this island?
is it worth waiting for your friendships to end?
sleep where you fall
keep it surreal
let your feet feel the concrete jungle
sleep where you fall
keep staring at your potential
though the rain seems so torrential

the sorrow in realizing where we are is all we know
and we know nothing's a crushing blow

so set your sights on brighter lights and squint your eyes
shut the windows, go outside to feel the wind blowing
it's nice right?
a new life slice tastes better than the antiquated pie
come take a bite


through advice i give
i find myself a hypocrite
here at my best still thinking back
to summers i spent sleeping in THE shack

through this life i've lead
i find parts of myself already dead
here at the top, everything to lose
bury my half broken heart underneath the golden goose
Track Name: Walking Juice
i was halfway to hoping
you'd never resume smoking
cigarettes and cannabis
despite the times i'd always miss
in which we'd waste inside a haze
inside a day inside a summer
to recover i've been drinking heavily
i hope you forget me

i've been an influence under the influence
keeping up barely but somewhat making progress

for sixteen months
i've been an accident
currently happening
what would make you believe in me?
i'm falling off the coast
and you're standing so close
both eyes closed
our fathers
pushing us close

in stead
the last life i'd lead's breaking off in tatters to clarity
again & again
i will pull apart my head, scatter all the puzzle pieces
create a new self image
Track Name: Comedown Kid
start over more often
stay sober four months in
to make some memories stay
to keep your family happy
helps take the edge of dying young and reckless

it's hard to stay
it's hard to go away
it's hard to wait
the weight is killing me
in part i play the part of the wounded too often
too soon i've forgotten my place
as the heartless, the farthest from grace
the artist: the closest to his grave
the darkness- the open space-
sometimes invites me to stay

well, it's as good as bad as ugly
but the hood's not so bad for a druggy
still it's no place for your face lovely
so erase mine from your memory
curl up on your cloud above me
as the comedown becomes me

there's no fix
so 86 me

from manic to panic
from fourth atlantic
to my bedroom floor
too intent on paying
attention to my lack of you

beloved solvent, problem solve this
before my liver dissolves with the moment!